Earth Day: Help Protect the Earth by Going Solar

Earth Day was first observed in the U.S. in 1970, and now observed in 192 countries worldwide. While it is good to recall history and how the Earth Day has all started, it’s also important that we think about the environmental movements that are being carried out lately. Let’s talk about electricity.

Electricity generated by modern society is soley dependent on oil and coal, both of which add to greenhouse gas buildup in the envieronment. While it is a known fact that fossil fuel supplies are limited, our homes and cars still require lots of energy.

Solar energy is ample throughout many parts of America. The amount of sunlight hitting the U.S. every single day is more than 2,500 times the entire country’s daily energy usage.

There are different kinds of technologies used to create electricity from solar power. To be able to create solar power, many homes and establishments install photovoltaic panels, which absorb sunlight. They may also use semiconductors to create usable energy. Larger structures use panels, but others use lenses or mirrors focused to a small area to deploy concentrated solar panel, thus creating electricity from tremendous heat. Both technologies help the Earth because they reduce the need to burn fossil fuels.

The wonderful thing about solar energy is that it produces its greatest output as demand spikes. During hot summer days, energy usage rises due to air conditioners, but that same exact sunlight that warms the country can be stored and used to power those devices.

So, how can you acquire energy and still help protect Mother Earth? Go solar!

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