Reselling Solar

As homeowners ourselves, we know that we don’t even replace a lightbulb in our home without contemplating its effect on the resale value of our home.

If you’re like the majority of Americans, your home is your biggest investment, and you don’t want to do anything to compromise that.

The old school mentality was that solar panels intimidated homebuyers and could make your home more difficult to sell, or somehow decreased the value of your home. You may have heard this myth circulating as well.

So what is the truth? Will solar panels affect your home’s value?

We’ve got surprising news for you. YES. Solar panels will affect your home’s value… IN A GOOD WAY!

Recent research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory proves that homes with solar panels sell for higher values than homes without, and home appraisers are less reluctant to assign value to residential PV systems as home solar electric system value is better understood.

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