Our Solar Installation Process Is Fast and Convenient

These Five Simple Steps Outline The Process We Follow:


    Our installation experts evaluate your home to ensure you can benefit from the best possible solar electric savings. We look at the position of your home, any trees that might obstruct your roof, and your current electrical bills to complete our assessment.


    After evaluating your home, we prepare an in-depth report on the types of savings you can experience during the life of your solar electric system. We provide a proposal based on that information and answer any questions you might have about your low, locked-in rate, and when your system installation will be scheduled. Approval of our proposal begins the scheduling and installation process.


    Our expert solar energy designers create the right system for your home. We ensure that only the industry’s best equipment is used on your home. The right preparation and metering assessment ensures the project runs smoothly.

    Once the design is complete, our scheduling department determines the ideal date to begin installation.


    USA Solar Electric takes pride in every installation we do. This demand for excellence, in part, takes the form of a thorough, final inspection of your home’s new solar system. Once it meets our solar standards, the system begins producing efficient energy on your behalf. The system is net metered, which means it allows access power production to return to the grid.


    The benefits of solar begin with this step. Our lease partner begins monitoring your system’s production and we ensure that the system is worry-free from your perspective. At this point you can watch your system earn you savings. Visit your online energy portal and watch how the system is working as planned.